Why Work With 3R Concepts?

Our electronic asset retirement program is unique because of the partnerships we form with organizations. We create programs for retiring their obsolete/end-of-life electronics (EOL) and help our clients realize the full depreciation values of these assets. These programs will educate and provide value to our clients by assisting them to make greater contributions toward their organization’s social responsibility.

Why Choose Us - We're Passionate

Our pick up services are free of charge and we will coordinate the removal of any equipment earmarked for asset retirement. 3Rconcepts incorporates innovative methods into the processing of obsolete electronics. Once the equipment is processed, documentation is provided to each ”recycling partner” as proof that the electronics were recycled within the proper EPA guidelines.

3R Concepts strives to reduce the environmental footprint of Corporate America. Our goal is zero waste. Components picked from our “recycling partners” will be refined and recycled into new products. Organizations that use our services are doing their part in taking steps to becoming environmentally responsible.