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Recycling Facts

Reclaiming precious metals, copper, steel, aluminum, plastic, and CRT glass displaces the use of virgin materials which conserves energy and natural resources.

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Green Minded

We specialize in recycling anything that plugs in, takes batteries or turns on such as obsolete: computers, monitors, cell phones, and other outdated electronics or “e-waste.”

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Welcome To 3RConcepts

Today, many companies are faced with the increasingly common dilemma of meeting recycling mandates and ensuring proper disposal of obsolete electronics and electronics equipment. A byproduct of the computer age, this unwelcomed problem is the result of rapidly expanding and ever changing technology, with many electronics becoming outdated mere months after purchasing them. Smaller, and more efficient machines that are capable of high levels of multi-tasking are replacing the bulky uni-focused systems of the past. As a consequence, businesses are discarding electronics equipment at an alarming rate.

3RConcepts provides national electronics recycling, asset management and refining services to organizations with the intent of keeping harmful toxins out of our landfills. We consult with companies that have a substantial amount of electronics and provide them with solutions for their electronic disposal needs. Our Electronic Asset Retirement Consultants work with each “recycling partner” to create a corporate plan and provide the logistics for the removal of their obsolete technologies and equipment. Clients rely on us for an efficient, cost-effective way to recycle electronic equipment, minimize liability risks, eliminate warehousing fees and ensure that proprietary information is completely removed through data destruction.